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The Roman Mosaic of Panxón is a piece from the 3rd century A.D., the only representation of the marine «musivario» works in the entire metropolitan area of Vigo, with an incalculable historical value. Of great quality, it represents a fish, swimming in the marine waters, accompanied by clams and by its outline it is deduced that it would be part of a much larger mosaic, evidencing the high degree of Romanization of the site of O Castro, in Panxón (Val Miñor, Galicia).

Found in that place by chance in the 19th century by the Puga family, it later passed (attached to a table) to the collection of the Blanco-Cicerón family in A Coruña, losing track of it after its sale at auction and unfortunate departure from Spain, until just two years ago one of the founding members of our Association found the piece in a private collection in New York (Carlton Hobbs) and began the process for its repatriation to the place from which it should never have left.

The Mosaic coincides with the one referred to at the time by scholars of the stature of Professor Acuña Castroviejo (among other publications, «Vigo en su Historia«, pp. 49 to 53) and has been inspected in situ by Dr. Carlos Picón, at the time head of ancient art at the Metropolitan Museum of New York (now director of the Colnaghi gallery in said city), confirming its age, origin and valuation.

Photography: Carlton Hobbs LLP ©

Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, NYC. Up this street we arrive at Carlton Hobbs. Photo: Gonzalo Fernández-Turégano


Given the extraordinary discovery and availability of the piece in New York, this non-profit Association has signed an exclusive reservation document with the current owner of the Mosaic for its purchase and sale for the amount of 58,000 EUR. We are very grateful to Carlton Hobbs for the discount on the sale price and for his constant collaboration in facilitating the repatriation operation.

Mosaic in its current location in New York City (Carlton Hobbs). Photography: Gonzalo Fernández-Turégano

The mission of this Association is to obtain sufficient funds to complete the payment to the seller, repatriate the Mosaic and give it (as a donation or loan) to the institution that best guarantees the public exhibition of the piece, its conservation and promotion (in all co-official languages and in English) of the Romanization of the Val Miñor, as well as to monitor the fulfillment of this purpose. 

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