Many heartfelt thanks to all of you who have participated.

If you want to help us finance other great projects, you can make your contribution in two ways:

A transfer to the following ABANCA account, identifying, please, your DNI/NIF and full name at the time of making the transfer:

ES04 2080 5205 6930 4002 1142

Or a solidarity contribution by Bizum, entering the following campaign code:

Code: 03575

NYC, the place where we want to repatriate the mosaic from. Photography: Jaime Fernández Eizaguirre

If you are a company, keep in mind that a cultural project like this is perfect for ESG purposes. Write to us if you want us to give you visibility through this website and social networks.

Photography: Carlton Hobbs LLP ©

Through social networks we will keep you informed of the status of fundraising, as well as any initiative to that effect. In case of not obtaining sufficient funds for the repatriation of the Mosaic within 24 months from the beginning of the fundraising (extendable by agreement of the board), the funds raised will be donated, minus management costs, to the non-profit project of Val Miñor approved by the Association, prior to its dissolution.

We value the total cost of the repatriation at about 58,000 €, including the payment of the sale price (assuming no relevant movements in the EUR/USD exchange rate from July 2021), the import taxes to the European Union, the processing of the Customs documentation, and the transport of the piece from London to Galicia (the transport from New York to London is courtesy of Carlton Hobbs). We thank Colnaghi for their selfless help with these arrangements.

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