Association for the Repatriation of the Roman Mosaic of Panxón

The mission of this Association is to raise sufficient funds (58.000 EUR) to repatriate, from New York, the Roman Mosaic of Panxón and give it (as a donation or loan) to the institution in the province of Pontevedra that best guarantees the public exhibition of the piece, its conservation in museum conditions, and the dissemination of the Romanization of Val Miñor.

As of August 24, 2022, we have collected 18,000 Euros. With the generous contribution of 40,000 Euros committed by the City Council of Nigrán (approved in plenary session on October 25 and subject to the signing of a collaboration agreement), WE HAVE REACHED OUR GOAL.

The execution of a cooperation agreement with the Nigrán Council is imperative -and urgent– in order to: 1) Receive the grant approved by the council, and 2) Acquire, repatriate and commit to donate the mosaic to the Nigrán Council, to be publicly displayed.

The reserve agreement with the current owners of the mosaic expires on 29 October 2022. On that day , the mosaic could be sold to third parties and we will lose it forever. PARTICIPATE!

History and Mission

The Panxón Mosaic is a piece from the 3rd century A.D., the only representation of marine «musivario» works in the entire metropolitan area of Vigo, with an incalculable historical value.

Who are we

The promoters of this initiative, founding members of the Association, are people from or closely related to Val Miñor, professionals of recognized prestige in various fields:

Become a key player in this repatriation operation. Tile by tile, together we will succeed!

Plus, you can enter to win a TRIP TO NEW YORK FOR 2 PEOPLE*!

Get in touch with us


Contact phone (WHATSAPP):

* Bases in spanish here, on our website, and deposited before a notary.

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